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Presentation Information
We provide snake awareness programs for all groups or organizations. Animals  in our presentations include native and non native species. Or our presentations can have just a particular group of animals upon request.

From rattlesnakes to a gila monster, common kingsnakes, gopher snakes, a coral snake and a desert tortoise. To touchy feely animals that include boa's, python's, a 7' water monitor, tarantula's, pine snakes, mexican kingsnakes and a bearded dragon. Previous clients are;

Joy Community School                             KMYL Radio 1190 am
Four Season Resort                                  Channel 3 News TV
Rural Metro Fire Department                  Channel 5 News TV
Great American Academy                        Channel 10 News TV
Desert Winds Elementary                        Channel 12 News TV
Wickenburg Inn Resort                            Channel 15 News TV
Oxford Scientific Films                            Four Peaks Elementary
Arizona Humane Society                         Boy and Cub Scout Troop #603
Deer Valley Middle School                      Shilo Custom Homes
Strawberry/Pine Fire Department          Black Mountain Elementary
White Tank Regional Park                      Bellasera Home Owners Association
KFYI Radio 620 am                                The Tribune Newspaper
The Arizona Republic Newspaper          Windfield Home Owners Association
Adobe Mountain Wildlife Center             Country Meadows Elementary
Maricopa Elementary                              Fountain Hills Elementary
Cub Scout Troop #164                                      Girl Scouts
Dynamite Montessori                                Legends Home Owner Association
Great Beginnings Montessori                   Desert Awareness Committee
Boys and Girls Club of  Scottsdale           KUPD Radio 97.9 fm
The TesseracT School                                Our Lady of Joy Preschool
Birthday Parties                                        Local Reptile Presentations
Foundation For Blind Children
We charge no fee for public events but contributions to cover expenses are greatly appreciated. Please call us at 480.585.0148 for more information or click on to email us.