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About Us

Jeff and Rachael Almond started J&R Reptile Wildlife Rescue/Relocation in 1996. It was their concern for reptiles who, in Arizona, are increasingly finding themselves in contact with humans and their dwellings. In the year 2000 this program responded to over 1300 calls from usually frantic people who found snakes or other reptiles in their homes or on their property. The animals were safely removed and released in desert environments away from humans. Without their help most of those 1300 reptiles would have probably been killed. All wildlife has a right to live no matter how small or big. Jeff and Rachael also do educational displays, talks at schools and reptile expositions in an effort to educate people about the desert reptiles we share our environment with. Many of the reptiles they rescue are venomous (poisonous). These animals have a place in the natural environment of the desert. They are as afraid of the people they encounter as the people are of them. Their reaction is to escape back into the desert.